Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our pixel master friend, Reconstructed Dragon has done it again. You'll notice this time, for those of you who have read my AO story in Popgun volume 4, along with all of the agents, the fellow on the right hand side. I won't go into who he is, just pick up Popgun 4 and have a read. I just love the fact that there is Orange with and without hat! So cool.
I just want to see these little guys moving around, don't you?!
This little dandy of an image comes courtesy of Anton Curley. The other character on this classically old comic cover is Anton's own comic creation, The Odd Happenings of Gridgeon Quidd! I like that... 'odd happenings', sounds very... odd. Check out more of his work on his BLOG or DEVIANT.

Friday, May 21, 2010

This little (and I do mean little) gem comes from a awesome fan Agent Orange on Deviant art by the name of ReconstructedDragon, a great pixel artist from Austria. I was speechless when I saw this tiny but awesome work of art! And not only is this a great image, but RD decided to write the details about each agents personality, and got it pretty much bang on (with what I've revealed anyway!) So cool.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Very interesting indeed! This wonderful sketch comes courtesy of the mighty Mike Boldt. He mentioned how he's a big fan of trench coat detectives, and hey, I can't blame him! Heck, that's why I created AO! You can check out more of his work on his BLOG! and even pick up a copy of his sketchbook.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This dandy little piece comes from Eric Aaron Peters. I just love how contemplative and thoughtful Orange is in this pic. I can just hear his thoughts... "ah, what a beautiful night, with such beautiful stars and a beautiful burning meteorite hurling towards the earth."
You can check out his blog here!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

This dandy little doodle comes from Mr. Vonholdt and his Doodle a day blog! He was nice enough to supply not only the coloured version, but as you'll see on his blog, the uncoloured inks as well! Great work VH! Check out his Doodle a day blog.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This wonderful piece isn't so much a work of fan art as it is an immortalization of AO into a style I could never come close to emulating! Ralph Niese did this piece for the inside image of Popgun Volume 4, which I had the honor of having an Agent Orange story in. Ralph took a few characters from different stories in the book and included them in his front and back inside cover images. Stunning work Ralph. You can catch more of Ralph's amazing style on his DEVIANT account.
I've always liked the simplistic style of Ryan Cody, so when he sent me a link of this little image that he did of AO I was very pleased to say the least. Ryan is responsible for the hit comic, Villains amongst many other things. You can find Ryan's work all over the web these days but here are a few of the most common spots to check out his fantastic work! Thanks again Mr. Cody! His BLOG, and his DEVIANT.
This lovely work of art comes courtesy of Nelson Daniel. Nelson sent me a message on Deviant art letting me know that he wanted to do a pic of old AO and of course I said yes. Not long after he sent me this great image! Thanks again Nelson!!
You can check out more of Nelson's great work on his DEVIANT account or his BLOG.
I couldn't help but post this wonderful work of magnificence! These were 3 different attempts by my 2.5 year old daughter. As you can see, she's way better at colouring than I am.
This magnificent little work of art comes from my very good friend Jake Parker! When Jake's book, Missile Mouse was about to be released I went ahead and did a little book trailer for him. As a thank you he surprised me by sending me this amazing piece. He actually asked me if AO would ever use a katana sword... glad I said yes. Thanks again Jake!
Jake works as a designer for Blue Sky animation studio. You can check out more of Jake's work on his BLOG.
This one isn't so much "fan art" as it is a colouring book image!! I actually did this sketch in response to a comment that a fellow by the name of James Kenison had left on my blog. He mentioned how much his son loved Agent Orange, so I asked him what his son would like to see AO doing. The answer involved some construction vehicles and dinosaurs! So of course I sketched up this image for him and he ended up colouring it! Kids are so awesome!
This post comes courtesy of Andry Rajoelina. Andry is a true fan and always has wonderful words of encouragement on many of my posts on my blog. It was quite nice to get this little piece from him! You can check out more of his work on his BLOG.
This wonderfully simple piece of awesomeness comes from my friend and super talented colleague, Coran "Kizer" Stone. Much like all of the fan art I get, I wasn't aware of it's coming. So when you receive something like this it really makes you smile!
You can check out more of Kizer's fantastic work on his BLOG , his DEVIANT , or his CGHUB account.
Haha, I love this one! This was done by my friend Yochie B! She's one of the rare few that has figured out that Agent Blue is a girl. A true fan and friend! Thanks B!
Yochie is currently attending the animation course at Seneca College in Toronto.
You can check out more of her work HERE.
Greetings Agent Orange friends and fans!!
I've created this blog specifically for the purpose of posting your work! That's right, YOUR work. I have received so many wonderful pieces of fan art for Agent Orange that I thought it was fitting that I dedicate an entire blog for that cause! I mean come on, who doesn't love FAN ART?!?!
With that said, I found it fitting that the first posting should be from my little niece, Alexa. She did this a long time ago but it's still one of my favourites!